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Published by Wiley & Sons

Pages: 368

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Book Description

Sustainability has come to the fore in the cosmetics and personal care industry. Rising ethical consumerism and the need for resource efficiency are making cosmetic companies small, independent firms to global giants take steps towards sustainable development.

This new book discusses the growing importance of sustainability in the cosmetics industry, highlighting the various ways organisations can address the economic, environmental and social aspects. How can the cosmetics industry make a difference in terms of ingredients, formulations, packaging, CSR, operations, and green marketing?

Topics covered include:

  • Environmental and social impacts of cosmetic products
  • Ethical sourcing and biodiversity
  • Renewable energy and waste management
  • Green formulations and ingredients
  • Green marketing issues and consumer behaviour
  • Green standards, certification schemes and indices in the cosmetics industry

The book has been prepared by over 20 industry experts, and edited by Ecovia Intelligence company president. It is a useful guide for professionals in the cosmetics and personal care industry; cosmetic chemists, formulation scientists, R&D directors, policy makers, academics & researchers, as well as business and marketing executives.

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